Monday, November 30, 2009

I told my twitter and my facebox, but I forgot to tell you!

On page 18 of the current Stranger (Seattle's local alt-rag) you can see an ad that I was commissioned to put together. Josh, who works for the Underground Events Center, found me through the Friends o' th' Nib and was a delightful guy to work with. Super enthusiastic and very thoughtful in his editorial feedback. The poster's here, and below is a photo that Amber snapped on her robophone.

Friends of the Nib at Howard House

This Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Howard House in Seattle we, the Friends of the Nib, will have our biggest art show yet.
Recreating our successful "Drift" show but on a much larger scale, the walls will be plastered with artwork from the whole gang, unframed and ready to walk home with a new owner.

Dec. 3rd is the "first Thursday" (wherein all galleries in town are free) and we expect a huge crowd of art lovers to be out. To make a delightful evening of it, the artists themselves will be in the gallery drawing for and with the people in the crowd on opening night. Of course, lots of foot traffic means that the work may disappear quickly, (it's cash and carry) so don't wait! This should be an amazing show.

Howard House

Dec. 3rd, 4th, and 5th only!
Be entertained by and throw food to the artists! Dec. 3 @6:00pm

I'm really excited as this will be the first time any of my work has hung in an actual gallery, as opposed to a cafe.

Here are a couple more of the (many) pieces that I'm stickin' up for sale:
All of them can be seen on the Illustration page.