Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cornered again, for the last time.

Hey everyone! How was your Christmas? Ours was kiiiinda crazy! I'm still recovering. Mostly with video games.

My last two FF (or F4?) pieces have appeared on Cornered. Check all four of them out by clicking the picture. This one's my favorite, but the link will take you to all four. And take a look at the incredible work that other folks have submitted!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

900 years is the new "over the hill." Shirt.

I have exactly one t-shirt up!
I've opened a store at RedBubble, and have uploaded two versions of the first shirt. (for dark and light shirt colors)

I am still working really hard on Christmastime commissions, so forgive me if I'm a little slow in adding to the catalogue.

Thanks for the support, comments and emails everyone!

UPDATE: Laugh it up, Fuzzball! Best buddies on a tee! Go!

And in this corner.....

Hot Chocolate!* I've been super busy working on commissions lately. I did want to pop in again to link you back over to Cornered, though.


Calamity Jon posted the second of my pieces, so click on over there. Evidently there's already been a ton of amazing submissions so keep watching that space!

*(My girlfriend, Amber, and I decided that "hot chocolate" should be used as an interjection. Try it! Amaze your friends! Let it carry you through the Holiday season, and warm your heart and hands.)

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Introducing Cornered!

In the spirit of the very great Covered and Repaneled blogs, my friend Calamity Jon has started a new blog dedicated to the little corner clip art that used to appear on comics: Cornered! Today he posted the first of the four FF pieces I did.

The site just launched, but Jon has already received lots of submissions. Watch every Tuesday and Thursday for new stuff.

Artists! you're interested in contributing, click!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Welcome to the blog!

Holy Moley! Thanks everyone for the comments and support. Welcome to my blog!

Since you're here, I ought to plug my friends' blogs (on the right! go!) since it was they who plugged my Star Wars stuff. Also, check out the Bureau of Drawers, a cartoonist confrérie of which I am a proud member. Check out our blog or find us on facebook!

To update you on the swag situtation, zazzle pulled the plug on the merchandise with these cartoons on 'em, but you CAN buy prints on ImageKind! If that doesn't work, I'll print them myself sell the things out of a van or something. The people want art!

Just so I don't leave you hanging, here's another piece for the collection. Hope you like it!